Hello, Let’s just get right to the point, shall we? I am Pragya Sharma.
I’m an Engineering freak. Freak because nobody takes up Engineering and says, ” I love theoretical parts of science/engineering.” I do.
I love philosophy (sort of) and read more than I should about religions and spirituality (My parents are secretly worried that I might run away to Himalayas someday).
I like sports as well but I hardly get time to hit the ground, and girls my age are just don’t want dirt in their nails.
I do write, not very good, but who is to say? Unless you read my work. 🙂

I’m one of those crazy people who wake up one day and they’re in writing mode. Then in sporty mode, then studious…I think you got the point. Normal stuff just doesn’t work in my case sometimes, usually. (What? Why am I using sometimes and usually together? I don’t know. Told you I was weird. You’re the one who’s reading it all the way down!)
OK, I’ll give you one more thing and then stop. That said, I’m an Introvert (totally). And, yes, talkative introverts do exist on Earth. You just met one. Email. Follow. Leave a comment. Looking forward to read your work too.
We’ll learn more about each other along the way. See you around. 🙂


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